MUM-urushiproducts Mugihiko kikuchi. Urushi Fishing Tackle


URUSHI     “japan”           Japanese lacquer works


 Urushi artist         Mugihiko Kikuchi

  Urushi is a beauty created by nature. I would like to conserve this Japanese

  heritage and introduce it into modern culture.


  2010 Graduated from Tohoku University Art & Dsign

  Received a graduation award for the Lure Bag.

  Received an award from the Japan Urushi Association.

  2011 Received a craft exhibition award from the Japan Craft Association.

   Established a ceramic and urushi studio in Ibaraki.


  Works as an art preparatory school lecturer.

  Now producing fishing tackle,bowls and daily appliances.


  Urushi is a resin produced from Urushi trees. We cut the trunk of

  the tree using a particular kind of knife and tap the resin from the tree.

  A single tree can only produce a few gram of resin each time.

  So Urushi is very valuable and holds a great charm for us.

   Lure bag


  This bag is used to hold and carry fishing tackle.It boasts both design and practicalaity.

  Its body is made from linen rolled up many times.(This is called Kannshitsu)

  It is decorated by grinding the surface of the bag. For this I use powder from charcoal.

  This box is also made from Tamo tree. The technique, which doesn’t involve the use of

          nails, is called Sashimono. The handle is decorated with abalone.The metal fixtures

                                                                                                                             are   made of silver.

  This product is original in its own kind.


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